Chickens sick after Tylan 200 injection??? Normal??


Dec 1, 2015
Whats been your experience with Tylan 200 injections?? I administered the shot via inter muscular breast and they all seems to be sluggish, sore.... Is this a normal reaction or should I be worrying??? This is for a cold......I was told to give 1cc to large birds, .5 to bantams...

Free Spirit

The Chiarian
Oct 21, 2015
For the record, I'm not an expert and have never used Tylan 200.

But your dosages seem high to me so I did some checking and found this
"Tylan 200 injection (not licensed for poultry) is effective with 0.5ml in the breast muscle of an adult large fowl, 0.3ml for bantams, 0.75-1ml for adult turkeys, repeated 48 hours later if still sneezing. If still noisy after that the bird must be culled as the organism will be too deeply entrenched within the airsacs and hollow bones to be removed, the bird remaining a carrier which will infect others. The reason Tylan 200 is not licensed for poultry is because it harms muscle, which in a meat bird is disastrous but in backyard or fancy poultry which do not enter the food chain, it is not really an issue."

If they are still sick then they either got too much Tylan or they may have a illness unresponsive to antibiotics. If they have a viral infection then antibiotics are ineffective.

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