chickens similar to shedding dogs?


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May 22, 2011
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Do some breeds of chickens shed more then others? I know from experience this is true with dogs: my australian cattle dog shed a ton, my terrier not so much.
The reason I'm asking is I have four 3 month old girls. The Dominique is shedding much more then the Speckled Sussex, Americauna or the Buff Orpington. I am not observing any behavior like over preening, or aggression from the other girls. But nine of ten feathers I find in the coop are hers.
They're probably just growing faster. That or they have a serious lice infestation. But it is most likely that they're just growing faster.
Thanks for the reply.
They have all had different growth spurts. Currently the Dominique is the smallest of the four. I don't see any mites... and wouldn't they all have them if even one did?
Eventually, yes. If you're that worried you oughta look closely. They'll be small, whitish yellow, and can be found near the vent, under the wings, and/or on the neck. Look on the skin, not the feathers.

But, I'm sure it's just growth rate.

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