Chickens sitting around with their eyes closed?

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    Im guessing they are not napping?

    The 2 that are doing this are 9-10 months old. My cochin started this, first she was off balance, then sitting with her eyes closed. Then fine. Now my EEx or Olive egger (not really sure) isnt off balance, but sitting and keeps closing her eyes. She has been fighting a respitory thing and finally stopped the constant sneezing. My whole flock is on Sulmet, per the old time chicken vet local to us. I have a large range of ages in the flock from 5 weeks - almost 2 years.

    Im completely at a loss. I feel that since i got Bantams someone is always sick, or broody. My original flock were amberlinks, they never needed anything. But i wanted variety......

    Sorry about the vent, just feeling a little defeated.


    After some research i am wondering if I might have 2 eggbound chickens on my hands. I havent seen and green eggs in the nest the past few days, and i do remember 1 1/2 weeks ago we had a soft shelled egg. I will try some warm baths tomorrow.
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    Hi sorry your dealing with this, I haven't had to deal with any type of respiratory sickness so can't help you much there but there is a product that I use and alot of others at BYC do it's called Oxine, I'll give you the link and you can see if this might be something you'd want to add to your chicken med. chest. I not only spray my chickens and ducks with it, but also spray out my coops with it. and I looked up sulmet and according to what I see you might want to try a different antibiotic, Tylan or Doxycline, and be sure to give probiotics while they are on these antibiotics so other issues don't start because the antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria.
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    May 3, 2010
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    Quote:Thanks for your response. I do have Oxine on hand. The vet said to use Sulmet because we have been dealing with this for awhile and nothing we have tried was working. The sulmet took care of the respitory issue but this closing of the eyes is something new....

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