Chickens sneezing

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    I have free range chickens. Yesterday I noticed two of them sneezing. They seemed fine except for the sneezing. Today I found one of the two dead. The other is still sneezing and sticking closer to the coop but seems fine. Does anyone have any ideas what this is? Can I still use the eggs from the chickens?
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    I'm new to this I admit, but my chickens were sneezing and the next thing I knew we had an outbreak of ILT. You'll get plenty of help here. Good luck!
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    Welcome [​IMG] , My chickens are also sneezing and they have yellowish liquid coming from their noses ( snot ) . I posted a topic on it, but haven`t gotten a reply yet.
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    You need to separate your sick birds ASAP. They may have something infectious and you will want to hopefully keep it from spreading. Many of the respiratory diseases can be pretty awful and even if the birds survive they will end up as carriers. You can treat the bird with Tylan 50 until you find out what you are dealing with. You will be treating blindly and if it is a virus the antibiotic may not help. The best thing you can do is take one of your dead birds to your state agriculture veterinarian. Keep the bird refrigerated if possible. The state vet can do a necropsy and give you a real diagnosis instead of guessing at it. Many states do it free or at low cost. Once you know what you are dealing with you can make a real educated decision on what needs done. Be prepared to potentially have to at least consider culling your flock. We had ILT in our flock and are still managing it and keeping it closed. You can look at my older posts if you are curious. Good luck, I hope you find out it isn't something really bad. [​IMG]

    The eggs are fine unless you decide to give antibiotics and then you will want a 3 week withdrawal time.
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    chickens do not have colds. they can have clear drainage from dust, feed, or MS. They can have snoot so to speak with crd or other resp. disease. Also the chicken flu can cause the rapid decline of chicks that are sneezing. It is better if they are dying to get them checked. That way you know what to treat and what to get rid of . I had to kill a whole flock this winter because of a bad strain of ms. Then the cleanning and decomtaminating started. I am even remodeling while I am at it. Please call you Agr. extension agent and he can tell you who to get or where to take a bird for testing. Good luck with this. Gloria Jean

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