chickens sounds are muffled

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Our 20 week old cochin girl. She normally is very "talkative" if she gets a treat she lets everyone know she has it....runs around with it in her mouth and makes this honking sound...its really cute. Last night before they went in for the night I went out to see the girls and she sounded funny. kinda a sneeze sound, and she let me pick her up (she ALWAYS runs from people). Her sounds are muffled, like there is something in her throat. I held open her beak and DH looked down her throat...saw nothing (we have no idea what we are even looking for). So last night I brought her inside in the pet taxi and covered it with a blanket so she could relax and sleep. She is the same today. I just gave her some oatmeal and water, she is eating some of teh oatmeal, but I havent seen her drink water yet. I did feel her crop area and it didnt feel full or swollen. I kind of rubbed around on her throat and she didnt react but if I push right below her waddles her tounge kind of sticks out and mouth opens up, but I dont want to do damage to her.
    I dont know if I should put her back with the flock or leave her in another night?
    I am wonderfing if she is sufficating slowly or something?
    any ideas?
    she doesnt seem to have and mucus, and I cant tell if she is having trouble breathing.
    Can something be caught in her throat?

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