Chickens Spilled Turpentine into Grain

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    Mar 11, 2017
    Hello! My coop is attached to a storage area that I am slowly cleaning up. It's most got automotive parts, and jugs of oil... But there was a single glass jar of turpentine that I had moved to a shelf that I thought was out of the way... Long story short, it was knocked over into our bag of chicken scratch, and, of course, a collection of chickens were trying to get into the bag. (yes, I am moving everything into storage bins.... Just waiting for some extra $$)
    Now a couple of chooks have it on their feathers around their heads. They are active: eating and drinking.
    Should I attempt to clean them off? or just keep an eye on them? How does one clean turpentine off a chicken?
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    May 28, 2013
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    Yes, I would try to clean it off, if it were me. I would try mild soap with water and baking soda into a paste then rub it in with damp cloth. When dry just rub or brush it off. The baking soda should help get rid of the odor.
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  3. Grace11

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    May 5, 2011
    Old fashioned Dawn dish detergent. They use it to clean seabirds covered in oil from oil spills. Bathe the whole birds. Dont get the kind that has fancy anything in it.... Move the feed somewhere else till u can store it properly.

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