Chickens suddenly died

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Hello this is my first run at raising chicks I had bought three I keep them warm they got big fast so I built a coop and pen moved them out side with a lamp to keep them warm they been out side for two weeks I get up open the door to the coop but leave the heat lamp on so if they get cold they can go back in my son went out gave them fresh water and food they were alive and healthy thus afternoon the sun was going down and I went to check and but them back in the coop for the night cause its still getting cold at night and I found them all dead laying to geather laying on their belly's legs straight out what caused this in only a few hou
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    Not enough to go on. Predator? Sometimes a weasel will do that. How old were they? Only 3? Where are you? How cold is cold?
    If not a predator, we have nothing to go on. You can take them to your state poultry lab for a necropsy. There isn't just one thing that can kill a chicken.

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