Chickens terrified of new puppy

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Californichicken, May 22, 2010.

  1. Californichicken

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    Sep 14, 2009
    I'd love some help on this one. We just picked up a three month old Vizsla/ Lab puppy last night. I ran her around for a while this morning and when she was good and tired, I took her up to meet the chickens. I want her to learn that the chickens are "mine" and how to behave around them. The chickens were still in their enclosed run (predator proof) and before I could get near enough to let them out, they started flapping all over the little run, they freaked out enough to bloody a comb or two. The puppy stood quietly and watched the whole thing.
    What's the deal? They've never been near a dog before, is the predator fear just too great for them to overcome this? They're all good friends with the cat.
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    Apr 5, 2010
    I have a flock of 7 chickens whom I have raised from chicks, and I have 3 dogs who alsway accompany me when I go outside to tend the chickens. I think that, if they had been raised around dogs, they would be great friends. I say just try to introduce them slowly, in non threatening ways. If your chickens free range, maybe you could try sitting out with them with your dog on a leash and let the chickens come and meet the dog as they please? Hope this helps, and good luck!
  3. They'll get used to it...
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    All my chickens have been raised around my dog since I'm not sure how you would reverse the situation.

    I'd say the chickens will eventually get used to the dog as long as you keep brining him out for visits.
    Just make sure that puppy understands whatever command you choose for him to leave those chickens alone! We use "leave it" and it took our lab/retriever mix (who happens to love chasing birds of all kinds) about 3 times before she figured out what I meant. I also kept her on a leash and would take her into the chicken run (ours is not covered so I can go in easily) and would just let her be in the same space with the chickens while they were still young. They never really came to check her out (and still don't) but everybody just kind of accepts that each other is there and they all act like the other ones don't for me! [​IMG]
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    May 27, 2009
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    Quote:I agree. We just got a lab puppy 2 weeks ago. The first time he followed me down to the coop, they freaked out and the rooster sent them all into the coop squawking bloody murder. The pup just sniffed around the coop (more interested in the poop smells I think) and then ambled off. Each day it's gotten better. Now, the rooster and maybe one of the hens will let out a warning, but they'll stay closer instead of running to the far side of the run or into the coop. It's helped that the pup is so laid-back. I imagine if he were more excitable and yappy it would be harder. I have a lawn chair by the run that I sometimes just sit in and watch the chicken antics and now the pup just lays under the chair snoozing until I get up to leave. Hope he stays that way.

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