chickens totally stopped laying eggs

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    Feb 19, 2016
    Hello all,I have Rhode Island reds and buff orpingtons.i just bought 7 goats a few days ago and just had a couple die. Don't know exactly the cause but maybe pneumonia or Coccitiosis. I am going to treat everybody with the medicine you put in there drinking water. My chickens are acting just fine no problems what so ever. My question is is it alright to eat the eggs now and while I am treating with the meds. The chickens are in with the goats but they are not showing any signs of anything wrong. Just wondering if I would be alright to continue with eating the eggs. Also I am not exactly the cause of death with the goats. Just trying to be proactive. Thanks for any help that you can give
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    If your are using Corid or amprollium to treat for coccidiosis, there is no egg withdrawal time. Sory about your goats. Chickens suffer from different strains of cocci than other animals, so that could be why they have no symptoms. Google common diseases in goats to see some common diseases and symptoms. Also contact your goat seller if possible to ask about the health of his remaining goat herd.

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