Chickens & Turkeys Together?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by PioneerPrincess, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Hi! Is it possible to keep chickens and turkeys together? I heard that you should never put them together because turkeys will pass sickness to chickens. Is this true? We would really like to have turkeys and are very hopeful that we can purchase a few to raise. Thank you so much for your advice and help!
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    first you need to find out from the State Agri.Department if you area has a problems with black head.
    If your area is fairly clear of black head than yes there is no problem with raising Turkeys and Chickens together but keep in mind were they come from.
    Mixing of birds is always a chance of spreading an Illness that an adult bird has recovered from and giving that Illness to a bird that has not been infected or that infection could be transferred in to the soil such as POO.
    Think of it this way if you raised your original flock from ether Incubation or from a good Hatchery then your chances of introducing an Illness is slim.
    If you buy adult Birds then you might be taking a chance even if you quarantined them for a period of time.

    I first ordered my Chicks from a good hatchery and from there Incubated them from that point on.
    When I got my Red Bourbons I ordered them from a Hatchery and Incubated some of my Chicken eggs to hatch around the same time that I was to get my Poults 2 days old and raised them together no problem.
    I do not use medicated food that is my choice I put Apple cider vinegar in there water for overall good health and treat there food with diatamais earth for the prevention and the removal of worms in my fowl and Dogs make sure its food grade.

    In the end its up to you on how you proceed with your Turkeys they are great Birds to have they remind me of Dogs with feathers they want to be with you all the time and this more so comes from raising them from Poults and spending time with them it also makes it easier to handle them when needed.
    Best of Luck To you.

    P.S. A Toms may have that Loving feelings for a Chicken Hen that can kill the Hen I have not had that problem.
    Also I dont claim to know it all just trying to help.
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