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    Hi there, I have 6 chickens of all different breeds. We live on a corner or a St. Rt. and a twp. rd. with about 4 acres of land for free ranging. Where do the chickens go? The neighbors, across the twp. rd. Yesterday I caught them over there eating grass. I count them and I'm like "there are 7 chickens" Wait, one isn't mine. So my chickens are going to the next neighbor east of us while the other chicken is going to the neighbor west of them and they are having a big chicken party!
    I went into the yard where they could see me and yelled "Get your butts back here!" Boy did they ever come running fast! Today I did this 3 times. How do I break them of this? I'm afraid they will "catch" something from the other chicken or get hit. I want my chickens to be free range.
    Any advice would be great, thanks, Kristy
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    You can't control them, chickens aren't going to stay where you say unfortunately. Either put up with it or build a run or get some electric poultry fencing.
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    Indeed.....oldhenlikesdogs hit it on the head.

    You'll have to fence them in somehow.
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    As funny as it sounds I had a herding dog that had decided he would herd chickens. He keeps them together in the field and protected them from predators. Sadly he is no longer with us.
    The dogs we have now protect the chicken but follow them wherever they go, including the neighbors.

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