chickens went in new coop!!!!

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    This is awesome. We closed up the old coop tonight and opened up the new one. Turned on the light and waited till dark. They were a bit aggitated, but all but 2 went in without a hitch. There's always these 2 hold outs that don't get on board. One Buff Orp just kept pacing in front of the old one looking up at it. Then she'd hop up on the ramp to the new one and go in. But immediately come out and start the pacing again. So finally my husband stood close by and one time she popped in he closed the door quickly.
    They lined up on the new roosting bar, which is all one piece. And 32" high. So no fighting over who fits on one side. The new digs are so great. Plenty of space for growing chickens, a built in feeder and 4 nesting boxes for 13 chickens(well, at least we think they're all hens)
    This one is insulated and has 2 windows on opposite sides for ventilation. Yesterday it was cooler inside than out.
    So today the old one is coming down and the barn space can go back to housing tractor accessories. Much to my husbands pleasure.
    We were prepared for the worst and got so much better.

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