Chickens... will always make a liar out of you!

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    I was selling some hatching eggs to a local guy. He was supposed to pick them up today. The first day he inquired about it, the girls laid five eggs. I told him they would probably do the same for the next few days, so I'd have them ready on Saturday (today).

    But the night before last, the temperature dipped down into the teens here. The girls gave me ONE EGG yesterday. I even had my niece check again at 9pm at night when it was dark and they were already roosting. Only a total of six eggs.

    So I sent the guy a new email and said it likely WON'T be Saturday, but maybe Sunday.

    I went out this morning, barely two hours after sunrise, and there were SIX EGGS in the fricking nest. It's like they were probably waiting in line for the nest box this morning (they all use the same one for some reason, despite there being four boxes). One egg plopped down, and she was chased out for the next one that "REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HAD TO USE IT!"

    But they made a liar out of me, twice! First in saying I'd have all the eggs on Saturday, and the second time in saying I wouldn't have all the eggs on Saturday!

    But screw it. One extra day won't hurt them. I didn't write the guy back and tell him I had them. I'll just wait until tomorrow for him to get the eggs anyway.

    Silly chickens! They're conspiring against me!
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    LOL....don't count your chickens before they hatch.........don't count your eggs before they are laid!

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