Chickens will not try conditioning foods:/

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    I am very new at this and will be showing my silkies in a month. They will be 6 months old by then so I decided to start conditioning them now. I did not want to start too early because I figured that they were growing and I was worried about how feeding a really high protein diet would affect their development.

    Anyways I was checking out some posts I decided not to go with the manna pro calf supplement because I only have 4 silkies and 50 pounds of that stuff seemed like overkill. I got some Manna Pro Chicken Conditioning pellets to add in with their feed and some black oil sunflower seeds.

    I placed the 4 scoops of the conditioning pellets in a separate small red feed bowl and the seeds in a red dispenser. They really do not seem interested all. They are currently on crumbles right now. Any insight, suggestion, wand or wisdom. I really appreciate everyone's help.


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    You might try mixing some with their regular food then wetting it into a mash. Maybe mixing in something irresistible. Start with a little and experiment.

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