chickens with feathers missing, etc.

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    I have had chickens for several years. Mostly Red Star. It seems that when they are 2-3 years old they lose their feathers and sometimes they grow back and other times (mostly) they don't. Right now I have a couple hens that their backs are pretty bare. My Roo has feathers missing on his neck and some of his tail feathers have fallen out. A couple of the other hens have lost feathers but are finally regrowing them. I am worried with winter coming on with the ones that are bald. I am feeding Scratch and Peck feed because it is NON-gmo and no soy or corn. It is the layer feed. They also get to free range about half a day (have to watch for the bobcats [​IMG]). I was thinking that maybe there is not enough protein (maybe?) in the feed so I give them treats like black oil sunflower and sometimes mealworms. I have not checked at night for 'bugs'. I was at my niece's house a few weeks ago and her chickens (several different types) are half again bigger than any that I have ever had! Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have a new flock of BO's that I keep separate and I don't want them to do the same thing... ideas?? Thanks!
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    They sound like they are molting, as well as a bit bare backed from the rooster, make sure your feed has decent protein amounts, 16-20% is best, perhaps putting them on a non medicated grower for a few months, sex links are high egg producers and molting takes a lot out of them as well, so up their protein and give them time, they will continue to lose feathers and grow them back for a couple months.
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    I agree.

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