Chickens with loose stool


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
We have two welsummers and one wyandotte. We've been feeding them medicated starter.

At 5 weeks old, the weather has been too wet for them to go outside during the day and so they were messing up the brooder faster than I could keep it clean.

Noticed dark brown wet poop occasionally with many more normal looking poops.

After a few days, decided to take one to the vet. She tested a wet poop and said that the bacteria levels were much higher than she would have guessed and prescribed Flagyl (antibiotic) for the one chicken and probiotics for all three chickens.

I separated the chicken getting the flagyl from the other two.

But one of the other chickens is also occasionally having the same loose dark brown (not bloody) stool with many more normal looking ones.

Thoughts? Should we give Flagyl to all or just let it go and see how things progress.

The vet explained the risks of the Flagyl (possibly never eating eggs from this chicken and that the bacteria that will be left after the antibiotic would be the worst bacteria).

Still wet out but should I move the two chickens out to the coop? Which is worse now, at 6 weeks, being chilled or in crowded conditions in the brooder?

The vet, testing and meds cost $149.00 so I can't afford to rush there again!

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