Chickens with runny stool could it be the diet?...


5 Years
Mar 23, 2014
Idk how many as my chickens free range and I have over 80. But even some of my rare penned up chickens are having runny stools. I was going to do a round of corid then wazine but got to thinking I wonder if it's their diet. Everyone eats a mixture of layer crumbles mixed with crimped oats and black oil sunflower seeds. Sometimes when my feed store is out off crumbles I'll get pellets but it's the same brand. Is this feed mixture ok or a possible cause to the runs.

Pork Pie

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7 Years
Jan 30, 2015
I'd doubt feed is the issue, although you could cut out the oats and sunflower seeds to discount that as a possible issue. Dunno where you are based (it helps to include your general location under your avatar) but for sure, if it's hot at the moment, you will see watery poo as chickens consume greater amounts of water to help cool down.

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