chickens with stuffy noses?

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Apr 28, 2010
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Okay, I realize that chickens can't get colds like humans can, but what would cause my four girls to all start sounding "stuffy" on the same day? Actually, one of my two BOs started sounding icky yesterday, now my other three girls are apparently experiencing the same thing. Whenever they talk, they sound congested like humans do when they have a cold. None of them are acting any differently or exhibiting other symptoms - appetites are all good, poops are normal, and general attitudes are all normal (meaning talkative, active, and extremely sassy!), and there are no bubbly eyes, sneezing, or anything like that. Nothing has changed in regards to their environment, food, treats, etc. I did a forum search for "respiratory" and found enough information to make my poor newbie head spin!

So, if anyone has any suggestions for me as to what I should do for my girls, I would greatly appreciate it. This is my first flock and none of them have been sick before, so I'm very worried. Thanks in advance for your input/suggestions!

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Sorry to hear about your chickens.

Most diseases chickens get are very contagious and once they are over it, they will still be carriers and can pass it on to any new birds brought in. If your birds are pets and you plan to keep them and not bring any new ones in there are a few aintibodics you can get to help. If you plan to bring more in or you have others now that are not showing signs yet I'd cull. I've had to make that decision and its hard I know. One of the worse diseases they can get in my opinion is Coryza. One of the main signs of it is the smell. The discharge has a horrible odor!!

I hate your having to go through this. Hope things get better
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Thanks, pamperedpoultry and PurpleChicken, for all of the info! I skimmed the MG threads and am now in tears thinking my poor little flock might have something like that. I don't know how they would have come in contact with it, though, unless I picked something up on my shoes at the feed store or something. I've raised the four of them from week-old chicks, and they haven't had any contact with other chickens since I picked them up at the feed store four months ago. My chickens are strictly pets, and I only have pullets so won't be selling any chicks or eggs. I also have no intention of adding to my flock anytime soon. The thought of having to cull them when they haven't even started laying yet absolutely breaks my heart. I love my little ladies and will do whatever it takes to make them well, but also want to be a responsible chicken owner. It seems like those two things can be hard to balance at times

Anyway, I plan on reading through all of the links you sent within the next day or two. Thanks again for compiling all of those for me. I really appreciate it. Hopefully this story will have a happy ending!

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