Chickens won't eat cooked fire ants scrambled with eggs.

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  1. I know what you are thinking: "What?!?!" Or at least that was my wife's reaction when she saw me trying to scramble a ton of fire ants with some eggs. I figured it was killing two birds with one stone (pun intended) by not only getting rid of some fire ants but also giving my chickens some extra (and free) protein. I had a potted plant that was INFESTED with fire ants. The way to get rid of them (before putting the plant in the greenhouse for the winter) is by dropping the plant into a large container of water that is taller than the pot and the plant and before long all the ants come up to the surface and float around in big masses of live ants. I scooped them up with a plastic fork and dropped them into a zip-lock and then froze them all. Once thawed I scrambled them with 6 eggs...and then added 3 more for a grand total of 9 eggs. Then I scrambled them up...and there were so many ants that you could barely see any egg in the mix. I really thought that the chickens would gobble them up but instead a few picked at the pile (probably just getting a few odd egg bits) and the others investigated but left the piles alone. So...they must taste pretty terrible...or at least they do once cooked.
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    What an ingenious plan! Wish it would have worked, I'm in FL and we sure have our share of fire ants.
  3. The volume of ants was amazing. Out of one three gallon pot that was on top of a mound I harvested enough ants to fill a large skillet to about the depth of an inch. Certainly the whole colony was far more...millions of ants. It certainly would have been a lot of free protein and equal to many thousands of meal worms in volume. I'm sure I could harvest a staggering amount on a regular basis...if only the chickens liked them! I may as well try it once more with thawed (but not cooked) ants.

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