Chickens won't go in coop at night

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MysteryChik, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. MysteryChik

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    We have had them for a couple months now. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT they go in right before dark, we close the coop and let them out in the morning to free range. The past 2 nights we go up there to lock them in, and all of them ( 1 Full grown hen and 10 approximately 9 week old chicks) are up in an apple tree. The first night we climbed the tree to get them down and put them in the coop. (I have a "battle scar" from one of them scratching my forehead trying to get back up in the tree)[​IMG] Any ideas why this would happen all of a sudden? Or how to change this habit? I've learned on here that they are apparently game birds.. had no idea when we got them. We were given them by a friend of a family member. Have also noticed they are fighting eachother ALOT which scares me.. bc I have kids and other animals. As little chicks, they were so sweet and just let my girls hold them. They still do, but I'm scared that might change and they might hurt them. TY In advance
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  2. Poultry parent

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    it could be that something is scaring them
  3. MysteryChik

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    that's what we thought the first night. But I don't understand why the second night too, guess tonight we will stake out and see what happens when its time for them to be going in the coop
  4. Poultry parent

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    stress could be causing the fighting. do they have enough room? 1 chicken needs about 9'' of roost space
  5. MysteryChik

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    Yes, the coop is 15'x17' One hen and nine chicks and the roosting bar is fifteen feet long, so yeah definitely enough roosting space. But the weird things is, at night the Big Hen will be in a box by herself, 8 of the (not so small anymore) chicks will be all in one box, and the other two in a box.. even in the apple trees they are LITERALLY right on top of each other.
  6. Beatrice Potter

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    Jun 2, 2016
    this is just a thought but i have heard before that if they arnt going in there coop at night it may mean that you have mites in there as they will know because they will be ichy and feel uncomfortable so they obviously wont want to go in there.
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    Check that coop thoroughly for mites, rodents, snakes and mold. They are definitely not happy birds.
    As for the fighting, my 9 & 1/2 week olds do that frequently. Not knock-down-drag-outs but a lot of posturing and chest bumping.
    How many of your chicks are cockerels?
  8. MysteryChik

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    no mites, rodents, snakes, or mold. we clean it a lot! We are new to all this and have no idea how many are cockerels, and how many are pullets yet [​IMG]
  9. MysteryChik

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    We use DE alot on our chickens, in their dirt bath areas.. don't think mites are the problem
  10. chickens really

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    Take scratch grains up a few minutes before your usual time and call them in.
    It could be too warm inside the coop and they would rather stay out?
    Not a mite issue unless your hens look icky?

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