Chickens wont go in their coop at night unless I turn the light on


6 Years
Mar 15, 2013
North Texas
My 8 wk old chickens have been in their coop/run for four weeks now and since they were finished brooding in the coop I installed a heat lamp. Now they are all fully feathered so I put a light bulb in rather than the heat bulb only because they will huddle OUTSIDE the coop at dark rather than going in...unless I turn that light on then they'll all run in the coop..... AM I going to have to turn a light on for them every night???'!! Ir, should I just stop and let them figure it out.. that would be hard for me to do because they are literally like my children. Iv babied them since day one and honestly wouldn't mind it! Thanks for any response :)

Chick Charm

10 Years
They will go inside the coop on their own eventually. They are just testing you for a bit.

Wish you the best.

rekkas peeps

7 Years
Jul 23, 2012
Goffstown NH
try standing inside the coop and calling them (that is if you are able to stand in it). thats how we trained our older flock. will have to retrain the little guys when the move into the coop.
our ducks are the ones we have to chase in as they hate being in at night....good luck

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