Chickens won't let a newbie roo into the coop


9 Years
Oct 18, 2010
I started my flock with what I thought was a light brahma and two barred rock hens. Recently the brahma has been crowing and acting aggressive. We were told it was a hen, so we bought a nice cochin roo thinking he would squash the aggressive behavior from the brahma "hen". After we brought home the cochin roo, have finally come to terms that our brahma is a roo, but now we have two roo's and the origional threesome won't let the new roo into the coop. The two roo's don't really fight, but the new roo is definitely at the bottom of the pecking order. Even the hens pick on him. They all have plenty of room, so it wouldn't be over-crowded if the new roo was inside. Is there anything I can do to help my little "flock" accept the new guy and let him into the coop? can do what I did. Build another run for the new guy and get him his own girls! Still have a second roo in the first run but he harms none and has no rooster behaviors...and is a cochin also. If a problem arises there will be a third run with new girls for the cochin.

You do what you have to do....but I don't have the answer on the new roo and getting them to accept him. Except that two roos and two girls is bad off on numbers. You have to have several girls for each roo and keep them separate...or they will fight.

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