Chickens won't roost in coop & New babies who visited outside won't settle down

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    May 18, 2015
    Mount Vernon, WA
    I have 4 chickens who live outside and have lived in their coop for nearly a year. We have a combined coop/run, and they ALWAYS go to bed inside the coop. Until last night, when they decided to perch outside, shunning one chicken who slept in the coop by herself. Now, again, they are outside, in the run for the night, even though its cold and rainy. And now, the baby chicks (6 weeks and 8 weeks) who have been visiting during the day, won't settle down and are screaming in their brooder and trying to fly high. What am I dealing with here? There's no evidence of predators and the littles wouldn't have that to deal with anyway because they are inside.

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