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    this is what i told them!

    i went over to my mothers house the other day and she have 3 chickens. they where so sweet and quiet! they only took up a little section of the yard and the best part eggs! i know people are probably thinking eww chickens what a nasty pet.. but actually you can use their manure for the garden and you can eat the eggs, and they are really quiet! (with the exception of roosters which should never be allowed!) but i was wondering about getting a flock of my own. i read in the rules about no livestock but if you really think about it they are pets if you are not raising more than 5. if i could come up with some information on them in other neighborhoods could you change up some rules so we all can enjoy chickens! this sight would really help also,

    thats my story and im stickin to it!

    lol its a slight white lie but can they prove it!

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