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  1. First of all, most of the people here were very helpful. I think I shouldve just stayed on the outside and read info. Not really any need to post as all possible questions about chickens have been posted and answered then reworded thenreposted then reworded again. I caught myself doing this. So Im outta here.
    Oh I'll check in from time to time, mostly to see how THEchickenwhisperer's snit is . Is that contagious???
    So say want you want, but NEVER say I dont love chickens... Because I love all kinds of chickens, chickens are the fruit of the range-fried chicken, roasted chicken, broiled chicken, rotiserry chicken, baked chicken, chicken in soup, chicken and patatoes, you can bbq it, boil it, broil it, um chicken kabobs, you get the idea. . .
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    ummm..ok, I'll bite...

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