Chickie and momma inside or ok?


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Dec 29, 2011
Hi y'all!
My hen has one chick that hatched last night (middle of the night). She only has one chick - and one only. No more coming. So... I was wondering if I should bring baby and momma in the house? It's about 30 degrees outside at the coldest. Obviously she is safe and sound with her baby in the coop, separate from the other chickens. I think they're fine out there, especially since they're used to the nights outside, but I was hoping to get some more thoughts on this.... Thanks!
They will be fine in the coop, no heat needed. Mom will keep the little one warm. We had 5 hatch between Dec. 14 and 15, and they are doing great. I've lost track of how many nights it has gotten below 32 degrees since then.
Thought so - It's amazing how much you forget once the baby has hatched! PANIC! haha Thanks y'all!
I normally agree but my broody hatched her first chick out in the coop, 30 degrees, middle of night. For some reason it crawled away from mama and I found its cold dead body several inches from her. She had only 6 eggs under her. If I had a "do-over", I would have brought her and eggs in that 21st day. Another thought, maybe make a cardboard circle around her body at night so any chicks hatch couldn't stray. Live and learn.

***Nevermind, thought you had more chicks to hatch***
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