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    Their father is supposed to be Ameraucana, the hens they had were BR, BO, and black Australorp and some easter eggers.
    Not so sure about the father being a pure Ameraucana since the black one and another one at the farm have a single comb.

    They hatched the night of February 14 or the morning of February 15. These pictures are from today. I have earlier baby pictures too if that would help. I've been trying to get better pictures, maybe that will come with time.

    Thanks for any input on breeds and/or gender![​IMG]

    This is Shyguy and Bonita Cheeky. Bonita Cheeky is the only one I have with a single comb.

    Trying to upload more pic than just one at a time, but my phone's browser is playing tricks on me.
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    [​IMG]Shyguy. Can't tell if she has a beard, but if she does it's small.
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  3. They can have a single comb or a pea comb when crossed with an Ameraucana.
  4. cute chicks!
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    Thank you for this information. I was under the assumption that the pea comb was dominant over the single comb. And that the pea comb gene is paired (linked) with the blue egg gene so a true Ameraucana would be homozygous for pea comb as well as the blue egg gene. Trying to post more pictures. The forum and my phone have been fighting with each other all day.[​IMG]
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  6. The pea comb usually is but not all the time, single combs do pop up in the crossbreeds.
  7. It used to be that way with the pea comb but now there is the Legbar that is straight combed and throws beautiful blue eggs.
  8. Pea comb still and always will be associated with blue eggs.
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    This is Bonita Cheeky. Does this mean that if she's a girl, she won't lay blue/colored other than white/brown eggs?

    She's like shy.
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    Is there anything I can look for as far as gender identification? Do these look like the breeds I listed? Shyguy was much bigger than all the other chicks. Not sure if it's cos of breed or if she hatched earlier...The size difference couldn't be that great with just a few hours difference in hatching time though, right?

    Here's Lemon (short for Liz Lemon.)[​IMG]

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