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    Jul 9, 2010
    We started with 12 chicks and 1 bantom. All were laying fine and all seemed to be going well. We bought some feed, had two chicks die and the only change was the feed which turned out to be regular size pellets rather than mini pellets so we changed back to minis. This was within 3-4 days of each death. Now the bantom has died. It doesn't seem that anything is getting in the coop, no warnings, nothing. We live in the panhandle of florida and the temps are high but how high is to high for chicks before it's deadly? I saw somewhere on here about worms? Are they deadly? Give me some ideas to help, the flock is slowly dying on me!
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    Are you sure they are actually eating the feed? Are you sure the pieces are small enough? Make them a mush with the feed and water, and see if they attack it like they're starving.
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    Jul 9, 2010
    We've changed back to the mini pellets and they do act like they are starving every morning when we feed pellets and again in the afternoons when he feeds bread.
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    How old are these birds? What kind of feed are you feeding them? (starter/medicated/grower)? Are you feeding just bread in the evenings? No more feed? Do they have feed out all day long or just when you put it out? What are you putting it in? Do they have access to water at all times? How does their poop look? How long have the deaths been going on?

    Some questions to help people here help you...
    Also I am near Tallahassee and it is hot but not too hot. When they get hot they pant with their mouths open and they hold their wings slightly away from their bodies.
    Make sure they don't have any lice or mites on them either. Check for creepy crawlies near their skin under feathers...under the wings and esp near their vents.
    Check the poop. Make sure you don't see worms. Although there could be microscopic ones you can't see.

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