Chickies in The New Coop -- Success!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by happybooker1, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I left all the chicks (9-10 weeks old) shut up in the coop for a week. Yesteday, per what I had read on here, I let them out about an hour before sunset. They were SOOOOOO happy to be out in the grass/yard!!

    They 'flocked' together for awhile, wandering here and there, getting used to being free. I was working on building them a ramp and cleaning out the coop so I was right there with them. It started to get dark, so my son and I caught them & put them back in the coop (ramp wasn't finished yet).

    Today, I let them out after lunch for quite a lot longer. We finished the ramp and put it against the coop. When I went out to check on them about 20 minutes after sunset, all but 2 had found their way up the ramp and inside the coop! One (the Silkie) ran right to me to be put up; the other one had found his/her way up to the 'table' the coop was on and was trying to roost there. So I just picked him up and put him into the coop too.

    So the free range thing is working so far, the chicks figured out the ramp on their own -- all is good!!
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