8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Please help with the genders, I already know the breeds- I will now tell a story - One day I had my grandmother drive me to tsc and we got our 6 chicks. When I was picking them out I got 2 from each of the bins, (minus the Duckling and Cornish Rocks) I got 2 from the Production Red bin, 2 from the Red pullets bin and 2 from the bantam bin. I curse myself for getting from the Production Red instead of the 2 EE's from the banty bin. So.... Chrissy and Charlotte are from the Red pullets bin, Eggbert and George are from the Production Red bin... and obviously Daisy and Moe are from the bantam bin. So now as they are approching the age of 6-7 weeks, I will once again attempt to reel in BYC'ers with my adorable chicks, and to get them to help me sex them. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!! (they are the magic words)

Chrissy (New Hampshire Red) 6 1/2 weeks (mY FAVORITE!! PLZ SAY SHES A SHE!!!!)



Georg(ia?) (Production Red) 5 1/2 weeks This one feathered out the fastest of all 3 of my Production Reds, Hoping this means shes a she!


Eggbert (Production Red) 5 1/2 weeks
I'm pretty sure that he's a he... He still doesn't have all his feathers and look at those wattles :hmm

MOE! (silkie bantam) 5 1/2 weeks. (I think he's a he, but he did feather faster, but see the red in his comb??)

Daisy (silkie bantam) 5 1/2 weeks (sorta acts like a boy, and yes I know shes a cross)

I forgot to take a picture of my Charlotte, but she basically has the same comb and wattles as George but Charlotte doesn't have all her feathers in yet.
I also know that silkies are hard to tell, but I was wondering since Moes comb is red....
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can't really tell, pics arn't tha clear. Chrissy looks like a girl(by the only clear pic on it). eggbert and georg look like boys, bt i can't tell about the bantams.

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