Chicklets escaped the maternity ward and are in common area of Coop...Is this okay?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ChickyNoob, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. ChickyNoob

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    Dec 5, 2015
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    All of my 3 week old baby hatchlets escaped the maternity ward and they are now living in the common area of the coop. None of the other chickens have bothered them at all so I wonder if it is okay for them to be living in the common area or not?

    Momma hen is protective and attacks me if I try to pick them up and put them back in so I thought that I would just go with it since it seems to working.

    I am a very serious noob at this so please, answer me like I am in kindergarten. [​IMG]

    Thank you in advance.
  2. ChickenCanoe

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    That's probably best since by the time the hen weans them, the rest of the flock will learn they belong.

    The only issue is feed. The flock can't be fed layer feed until the chicks start laying.
  3. fisherlady

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    Our hens commonly raise within the flock, watch other flock members for any sign of aggression and try to establish an area that they have access to chick feed... feed options after a few more weeks could include changing the whole flock over to a 'grower' feed and just offering oyster shells for the laying hens if they want it until the chicks are older and the whole flock can return to layer feed.
    I love having the broodies do the integration and coop teaching!
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    Three weeks is old enough for chicks to be mingling with the adult flock. But it would be safer if you had a "panic room" for them in case of a sudden bully attack. Maybe you could modify the 'maternity ward' by cutting 5 x 7 entrances into it.

    I utilize a panic room from age three weeks until three months when the chicks have become too large to fit the entrance holes.

    Your broody is protecting the chicks at present, but I would not rely on her being able to protect the chicks 100%. There would always be a slight chance for a chick to become trapped and injured without a safe area to retreat inside. It would make the broody's job a little easier.
  5. Folly's place

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    My broody hens are with the flock from the time the chicks are about one week of age, with the door to their dog crate left open. Mom will take them in there at night for another couple of weeks. When she's over that phase, the dog crate comes out of the coop. Usually by then she has the chicks trying to roost anyway. Easy flock integration, done by mom. Mary
  6. ChickyNoob

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    Dec 5, 2015
    Berrien County Michigan
    Thank you for all of your helpful replies.

    After I said it out loud to my mom, it occurred to me that chickens have been here for a long time and they could probably figure life out without me LOL! They have made it this far.

    Everyone seems to be doing just fine without me (except the food and water & cleaning parts).

    Times like that though I feel like I need ChickenCam or something, just to be sure. [​IMG]

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