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Aug 3, 2020
Hello there! If you are inerested in getting a free V.I.P Chickly Manor Membership then make sure to enter your poultry to the Goofiest Poultry Competition! Post pictures down below and vote in the poll above

  • Anyone Can Vote
  • Try to Vote Fairly
  • Poultry With the most votes wins
  • All Poultry Allowed
  • You can enter as many Poultry as you like
  • Only enter each animal once.
  • Winners Announced on Friday 18th
  • Tag me @Chickens4Chickens on the picture of your poultry to get it entered
This is Flynney, and you’ve probably seen her pictures on BYC before. She’s a rescue pet chicken, and my first, and I think she’s the cutest thing ever.

Thank you!
My cross beak pullet had a sweet face like that, but it was her bottom beak that was crooked, so it was harder for her to eat
Well, even my pullet (Flynney) had a hard time eating at first. She was at a place where she was competing for food and didn’t get enough. I took her home and she learned to adapt to it. It took awhile though!

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