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    Here's a pic of the hutch I recently made using an ordinary box an oven would come in. It was really simple. I cut the box longitudinally and lay it on its side. I made a "picture frame" out of 1x2s, stapled some 1" mesh to it, and attached it to the inside walls of the box. (I took measurements of the opening and made the frame using those exact dimensions.) I cut the "door" out and stapled it to another "picture frame" and made a small thumb latch to secure it. (The hinges are just small staples loosely nailed to the side of the door frame.) The floor is 1/2" hardware cloth that is staped to 2x2's to give clearance underneath. I put newspaper in the area below the floor to catch their droppings. We change the paper daily. Lastly, I hot glued a couple of limbs that had fell out of a tree to the walls and the front mesh for "roosting". It is quite satisfying to see a couple of them using these limbs already. I estimate that our "12 apostles" are almost three weeks old. We keep a I/R heat lamp hung on an old clothing rack just outside the hutch and a thermometer on the back wall to monitior the temp. It hit 28 degrees in central Louisiana on Wednesday morning. It was 85 in the hutch!! I started to put some little palm trees inside and a bowl of sand for effect.

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    [​IMG] & [​IMG]

    nice set up - I really like the "sand & palm trees for effect" - cute! [​IMG]
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    Nice!! [​IMG]

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