ChickNCam is now Peafowl Cam for a little while...


12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
near Charlotte NC
I've moved the webcam over to the Peacock Palace for a few weeks for mating season. Our peacock is displaying daily now - non-stop it seemed today, so if you tune in you will probably see him doing his mating dance with his beautiful tail up.

You'll also probably see the girls totally ignoring him as usual.

Hey, at least I'M impressed....

Best viewing is daylight hours, eastern US time.

Link is below in my signature line Enjoy!!
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All dark. Too bad. I wanted to see some peecocks. My exwife had some.
They were a lot nicer than she was.

Guess I'll check back tommorow.
Check back during daylight hours here eastern US - about 7am to 7:30pm 'my' time.

He really is putting on a show - today it was NON-stop displaying and dancing. It's really cool to watch him fan out his feathers, then he does this thing where he shakes his tail and the feathers make the neatest rustling sounds. Then he'll pick up one leg, then the other like he's dancing. He'll throw in a rustle of the wing feathers too, and then call every once in a while.

He's SOOOOO trying to get the ladies to notice him - most of the time they aren't even looking. I've got the camera aimed right at his 'dance floor' where he does most of his displaying so you should get a good look when he's doing his thing.

I mainly moved the cam over there so I can keep an eye out to see if he ever wins the girls over since I can't see them from either of my home offices where I sit and work all day. I'm hoping they'll come around to him eventually and I want some fertile eggs from these guys. They are Purple black-shouldered silver white eyed pied, but from what the breeder who gave them to us told us, they won't breed true - we can get a big variety out of them.

Same guy just got back from a exotic animal auction/swap a couple weekends ago and brought us home (unbeknownst to us) a young pair of bronze peafowl. They are gorgeous - as soon as I get around to making a shelter for them i suppose we'll be bringing them home too.

I really really hope our neighbors don't call the city on us now! It's hard to ignore a peacock least it's not so much year round or at night!
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I WANNA STREAMING WEBCAM SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is too cool!! I will have to check it out once it is daylight.....
I just adore peacocks.
Now's the time - he's been dancing all morning and he just gave a really good show - too bad the girls are hiding behind the shelter avoiding him

If you look in the foreground of the image, you'll see the bare patch of ground he's made by prancing around so much.

Wow arlee, he's beautiful! The hens are ignoring him! Is this your first experience with peafowl? How long will he do this?
This is our first time with peafowl so I'm still learning!

They are most active with their breeding displays in the spring from what I understand.

It's so sad - he's out there dancing all day long and those girls are usually just hiding out behind the shelter totally ignoring him.

I moved the camera mainly so I can watch for signs of actual mating. I'm not seeing anything YET and they should start laying eggs any time now...

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