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    Here are several things I've drawn. Some date as far back as 2006 while other are much more recent. Most are drawn with pencil, but a few are in pen. The majority of them were sketched while looking at something else just in the spirit of drawing and to practice. Some poses and themes are completely original though.

    The first is just several sketches of things in nature and includes a verse written by me to Artemis, Greek goddess of the Hunt. She was said to protect young animals especially. It is titled Prayer to Artemis.


    If you have trouble reading the words here they are:

    "So gentle are you, Artemis the holy,
    lover of the wild things, lady of the Wood.
    To the young of all that roam the meadow
    and all who live within the forest,
    With you mighty hands surround
    all the wild things where they abound.
    Protect them hence forth 'til forever more.
    Honor the legends, honor the lore."

    And another titled Never Ending Circle:


    The verse on this drawing was taken from lyrics from a song sung by Celine Dion. At this time I don't remember the title.

    Here are the lyrics:

    "In the never ending circle,
    I've been sheltered in a dream.
    I could climb over a rainbow
    to a place I've never been.
    Take me from this lonely river,
    home, into the open sea."

    Another titled Daughter of the River:


    This was inspired by J.R. Tolkien and features a verse 'sung' by Frodo about a woman who was a daughter of the river.

    "O slender as a willow wand,
    O clearer that clear water.
    O reed by the living pool,
    Fair River-daughter.

    O spring-time and summer-time
    and spring again after.
    O wind on the waterfall
    and the leaves laughter."

    And the last one of that set titled Shakespeare's Phoenix:


    This one isn't my favorite although I do like parts of it. The bird gave me fits I can remember that much. The verse is from Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

    "Now I will believe...
    that...there is one tree,
    the phoenix's throne, one
    phoenix, At this time
    reigning there."

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    These were all done in 2006 as well when I was on a little horse kick for a while. I have always loved horses. They are beautiful animals; however I'm terrified of being on one (or at least I used to be - I might be fine now who knows) and I am extremely allergic to them. I always though the dry ice or dust bothered me at Medival Times:

    but when I went to see the "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions:


    when they were here on tour I was absolutely miserable throughout the entire performance.

    These sketches were all done in pen so the shading is a little messier than if I had done it with a pencil and probably not as detailed. I know one or two of the poses were inspired by a book about horses written by Marguerite Henry who wrote the Misty of Chincoteague series - http://en.wikipedia....of_Chincoteague

    Titled Wisp O' Mist:


    This was just a random drawing of a fat little pony on a windy day. Later I discovered the mare bore markings similar to Misty of Chincoteague's second daughter Wisp O' Mist who died at a very young age along with her brother leaving Stormy as the only surviving offspring of the famous mare.

    My favorite of this trio I think titled Beebe's Breeze and StormCloud. The little mare is just so cute and I think I captured her motherly aura. And the foal is just adorable with its whiskers.


    What started out as a random sketch of a mare and her foal I checked their markings against a few of Misty's descendants. The mare closely resembles Beebe's Breeze and one of her son's StormCloud. Of course the markings aren't exactly right as I didn't look them up first.

    This one is pretty good I think but would have been better in pencil. The pen is just too messy. Titled Morning in the Hay: Rainbow and Chance of Rain.


    Another random drawing that when cross-referenced with Misty's descendants showed a striking resemblance to the mare Rainbow and her daughter Chance of Rain.
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    Jul 26, 2007
    East Texas
    Textbook Fishes


    I like the way the tang turned out a lot.

    Native American Woman


    Definitely not my best. This was done back in '06.

    Representations of Myself


    This was an art assignment when I was senior in high school. I know everything was supposed to represent something about you but I don't remember them all anymore.

    I blew this up and did it in pastels to finish the assignment but my mom has that somewhere. It is a little hard to make everything out in the sketch.

    1. Strawberry Daiquiri - something stupid like I was sweet?
    2. Flag - I was Color Guard Captain in high school
    3. Tree - My love for nature
    4. Treble Clef - My love for music (there was no way I was drawing a French horn...)
    5. Ocean or Lake (I can't remember now although I think ocean) - something to do with changing I think...
    6. Sun - Bright , the center of attention maybe...
    7. Dawn Sky - not exactly a split personality but something about changing again I think...
    8. Dusk Sky - not exactly a split personality but something about changing again I think...
    9. Mountain Range - Long-lasting, endurance or something along those lines...
    10. Chile Pepper - either I was saying I was hot ( or from our hometown where we had a Hot Pepper Festival some time in the Autumn months.

    Freshwater Angelfish


    Just a sketch of an angelfish in a semi-natural setting with driftwood and some aquatic plants. I think the pose came from a book on fish but the setting was my own.
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    Lady Gaga: Fame Monster


    Lady Gaga complete with This was done looking at a photograph. I know she's a little off. But I thought it turned out decently.

    The Princess Anastasia


    This was sketched from a screenshot from the movie Anastasia of the lost princess. Her eyes are kind But I was fairly pleased with the way it turned out.

    The lyrics seen in the image:

    Dancing bears
    Painted wings
    Things I almost remember,
    And a song someone sings
    once upon a December

    Someone holds me safe and warm,
    horses prance through a silver storm,
    Figures dancing gracefully,
    across my memory,

    Far away, long ago
    things I yearn to remember
    and a song someone sings
    Once upon a December

    And a song someone sings
    Once upon a December



    A very quick sketch I did of my boyfriend sleeping before he rolled over. It was kind of hard as he moved pretty quick into it so his face isn't quite right. And when he rolled over completely I just gave up.

    Me in Anime


    A fairly decent representation I think. The facial expression was taken from another artist's interpretation of an anime character but the hair is my own. I debated leaving out the part you see behind my head because I debating getting my hair cut much shorter. It would then look like the hair that seems sharper in the image and not as faded. What do you think?
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    I have decided to upload a few of the other images I have drawn as well. If they are deemed inappropriate or everyone feels they should be removed by all means I will take them down. Respond through pm if you feel they should be taken down (and which image or all please) so the thread doesn't get cluttered with people in

    These drawings are done based on a fictional relationship between two fictional anime characters from the Pokemon series. They are Ash and Gary or Satoshi and Shigeru in Japanese. Gary has the larger spike-y hair. Their relationship in fandom is known as Palletshipping since they are both from Pallet Town. Common names for the couple include ShiShi taken from their Japanese names.

    Obviously I don't own the characters, Nintendo and whoever else does. The majority of these were drawn by looking at someone else's work first just to practice drawing in the style as I never have before. A few images are my own design.






    The last one has a little story to go along with it for those who care.

    Gary and Ash were sleeping on the couch after watching a live Pokemon Tournament. Gary woke up and took Eevee (his first Pokemon) out for a walk. He left a note for Ash on the coffee table.
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    Morning in Jurassic Park


    It features a Parasaralophus and a Brachiosaurus. The scan cut out the rising sun above the mountain range in the background. The dark messy areas are supposed to be the treeline at the base of the mountain and in other areas. My pencil needs to be sharpened really badly and I can't find a sharpener... [​IMG]

    Orpington in Autumn


    A sketch I'm not thrilled with. I drew it after eying a photo of a Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Cock bird. His back half was covered by a hen so I drew the rear of the bird from memory. And it has been a while since I've seen a live chicken. Much less an Orpington of his size and quality. Hence the faint shading and the general unfinished feel to the whole sketch. I also dis-like the way his hackles and saddle came out. Shading without color just didn't give the result I was going for. I will have to get some colors to play with. There was too much dead space when I finished him so added in the gate post and some tall grass and falling leaves. I may try re-doing this at a later date actually shading properly to show the cuckoo pattern. Or maybe use a program to do it digitally...hmmmm....

    The more I look at him the more squished and grumpy I think he looks...grrrr.
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    Wow! Great job! They're all beautiful and I can tell you like to draw a lot! [​IMG] You seem to know how to shade very well, too. [​IMG]
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! [​IMG]

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    Great Job!

    I think every little girl dreams of Misty of Chincoteague. The wild pony swim from Asseteague. My folks took me there on a summer vacation. It was like magic
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    Thank you for the compliments. I really enjoy drawing although I have done it in ages I decided to pick it back up. I'll post some more stuff when I get something done. I'm feeling the urge but my muse has pointed me in the right direction yet.
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    Great pictures! [​IMG] Gotta love old-school pokemon [​IMG] Haha.

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