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Jul 8, 2021
Hi everyone- I'm new to BYC and my name is Erika.

1. My husband and I have been raising chickens for about 5 years now.

2. We currently have the most chickens we've ever had with 25 total. I have seniors, teenagers and babies.

3. We have Rhode Island Whites, Rhode Island Reds, Easter eggers, Ameraucana, Australorp, Jersey giant, Ancona, Maran and Speckled sussex.

4. Our favorite aspect of raising our chickens is the joy we get from just watching them. It's kind of like just sitting and watching fish in a fish tank.

5. We live on 23 acres in Southwest Washington so we love gardening, target shooting, and playing with our dogs.

I'm excited to be here and learn things that I didn't already know.

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