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Jul 25, 2019
Hello All in chicken land, I have 8x10 chicken run, my coop is take up 4x4 section of that has siding on all four side. I have a slanted roof to set up water barrel system. Living in N Cal I have the upcoming rainy season. My question was do I cover all sides of the coop with more siding that have chicken to prevent water from coming in. I know they need ventilation but not sure how to handle water exposure.
Pictures will help here. Roofing the run area would be best. Will water flow away from the coop and run, or will it pool there? Fix drainage issues first, and have the run floor covered in wood shavings or something that keeps the surface dry.
Tarping the walls facing the wind direction isn't a bad idea at all. Here we protect the north and west sides first, were most of our weather comes from.
The ventilation should be from the top (under roof so rain does not get in) and possibly as well some places on the bottom, so the air can circulate, but not from the side - you don't want the wind and rain blowing on them directly, and you need to imagine the wildest winds you might get that could cause rain to come in on them. So you would want enough of a wall to prevent wind and rain from directly affecting them. If I have an open end of the coop, I typically orient that side to the east so it is not where the wind/weather comes from. You want to make sure they are not getting rained ON. Since my coop has some seams and leaks I typically wrap a tarp around it when it gets cold in winter - that is a cheap way to plug any holes.

It might help if you show us a picture of your coop.

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