Chicks 4 & 5, plus a pleasant suprise :)

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    Well the two eggs under my last hen started pippng last night. By 10:00pm, both had small holes in their eggs. Went to be about midnight, at 8:00am, when I first woke up went to check. Both holes were about the same size as night before. Was a bit worried, but decided to give them another hour or two. Went back and checkd at 11:30am, and happily discovered one had hatched, a little yellowish-grey Cochin. Second egg was peeping, but still had some size hole. Since it had been over 12 hours brougt it in. Decided to just let hen raise the one. Had 3 in here already.
    Waited tll 1:30. And chick was starting to sound real tired. At that point had it, went and got all supplies I use for hatching. Well proceeded to hatch it out carefully. Removed the end of shell with no sign of blood, so removed one side I could see was empty of blood as well, and found out chick was alredy seperated from the umbilical cord. Was more then ready to have hatched, not sure what had stopped it but glad I didn't wait, lol was past completly ready to hatch. So have another yellowish-grey one. Think it is funny, only repeat in color so far was under same hen,lol
    Well called My Guy to let him know, and found out He had just checked on the two eggs I had there just a few minutes before I called. They have an incubator and are incubating the ones I couldn't get under the 2 hens I had setting. Out of ten being incubated, only 2 (with a possible 3rd) made it. Only 4, from the 8 I had under the hens did as well, 2 fromeach hen. Well 1 of the 3 incubated hatched out yesterday, in the most unusual way. Made a post about it yseterday evening, was my 3rd hatchie. Then last night 2nd egg over there pipped. 3rd one had shown no signs of life. I wasn't hopfull to start with because the air sac membrane was extremly warped, went up and came back down in the same shape as my first finger, and about half as long. Alot more drastic then a saddle shaped one. Anyways the 2nd incubator egg had made the hole a bit bigger since nigt before, but that was about it.
    Then at 1:30pm, He called back, nothing new on the 2nd egg hatching, but the 3rd had just gone nuts, started peepig and had made a small hole. I am so happy can't see strait, honestly didn't think was even good. Only reasonI kept it was becaue I couldn't see thru it, but figured it was just bad. Almost pitched, then thought better. Really learned a lesson. Allhough with the rest, there was no doubt they were empty.
    Mom had to run to store so I am having Her get me some batteries for My camera. Want to show my babies off. Will post when I get them taken.
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    we need pics congrats
  4. Congrats! Pics![​IMG]

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