Chicks and bikes don't mix!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by gritsar, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Well we are back from the Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally and are a bit disappointed. The weather didn't allow for as much bike riding as we would have liked and we came home early to beat Ike home. I should have known it was gonna be a bad weekend from what happened Thursday night....
    My SO got the bike washed and waxed and he left it on the walk in front of the house while he went about his other chores to get ready to leave. I was busy inside and out doing my own chores.
    I had let the chickens out about 2 hours before dusk, figuring they'd been in the new coop for almost a week and would surely find their way back in. They didn't. [​IMG]
    I left dinner simmering on the stove when I went out to make sure they were all in the coop and found them roosting on the Harley!! 6 of em!
    I screamed (okay I cursed) and started grabbing chickens off the bike as fast as I could. My SO heard my scream and came running to find out what was the matter. All he saw was Thor sitting on the custom leather seat and thankfully I got to Thor before he did. It's what he didn't see that's scarey. Besides Thor, two of the hens were on the jump seat (there's another name for this seat, but I can't say type it on this forum), one was roosting on the throttle grip, one was on the front fender and Zeus, bless his little heart, was standing up proud as he could be on the headlamp.
    I rounded the chickens up as fast as I could and spent the next three hours convincing my SO that "Thor" didn't hurt the bike. I also secretly buffed at the little scratches on the front fender whenever I got the chance. :thun
    I've advised the chickens to keep a very low profile until this passes over.
    All the way to Hot Springs I'd start giggling every time the image of that rooster standing on the headlamp came to mind. [​IMG]
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    That's hilarious, you should have snuck a picture [​IMG]

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