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    Mar 27, 2018
    was curious if anyone has suggestions on feed and nutrition for chicks and ducklings in the same brooder. The chicks are 4 weeks old and the ducklings are 3 weeks old. They currently are on the chick starter/grower crumbles with 20% protein. I read that ducks protein needs to decrease around week 3 and also they should get a b complex vitamin or nutritional yeast? But then I read elsewhere that they don’t need it. Just want to do the right thing without affecting my chicks. Anysuggestions would be great. :)
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    Actually it's the opposite that the ducks protein would need to DECREASE. Feeding TOO much protein to ducklings can result in an issue called angel wing. Now reading again I see you said decrease. :p

    You can call the manufacturer and see how much Niacin your feed has in it the duck need 55mg/kg of feed, regarding your question about supplementing. I have used Purina Flock Raiser which is also 20% protein and it DOES have the correct amount of niacin for ducklings. I never had to supplement and never had issue... but I also NEVER feed excess treats that diminish the formulated ration. :)

    Best resource for duckling nutritional needs that I have found is..

    Their site states..
    "* If you cannot find a starter feed with at least 22% protein, then you can use a 20+% protein starter feed but you must use it for at least four weeks."

    Hope this helps some.
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    They actually aren't totally sure of the cause of angel wing. Some say it is genetics - some say protein.
    I was told the flock raiser crumbles is great for the whole mixed flock and just to add a bowl of oyster shell for layers. That you wouldn't need to change feeds even once they are older. Other byc memebers have fed FR the whole time and haven't had issues.
    I contacted Purina about the amount of niacin and it is 55ppm which they said was plenty for ducks and that you don't need to supplement. However, others say it doesn't hurt to add a little brewers yeast to their feed just to make sure they are receiving enough niacin in their diet.
    If you are worried, Nutrena makes a whole flock feed with 18% protein.
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    The niacin won't hurt the chicks. It's a B vitamin and will be processed out of their body just fine.

    If your feed doesn't have the correct amount for ducklings definitely supplement. :)
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