Chicks and keets together ???


6 Years
Feb 19, 2013
Happy Spring Everyone!!
I just picked up my baby guineas at the local feed store two days ago. While I was there, I could not resist getting a few more pullets. I now have 6 baby guineas, 3 silver laced wyandotte's and 2 buff orpingtons chirping away at me in their office "brooder" Things seem fine but I have noticed that the little Buffs tend to stick to themselves, one in particularly stays by herself under the light and tends to get run over by the rambunctious guineas. The gal at the feed store said it was fine to raise them together. But I am wondering if I should separate the chicks (especially the buffs) from the guineas. I see no obvious pecking, but I read last night that Buffs can get picked because of their quiet nature. I also have 2 year old spoiled Delawares that I hope to eventually introduce the new girls and want to head off any problems. Any suggestions???? Thanks everyone who puts out such great information and support!!


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I personally would make separate spots in an brooder where they could still see each other but keep your Buffs safe. I have two friends with guineas and they were raised with their chicks.


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