Chicks and Keets (Video)

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    Jan 6, 2016
    This is my first time raising poultry and livestock in general but for my first lessons they go:

    1. You need a larger brooder than you thought you do (don't slack), I ended up making another one just to give the birds more space.

    2. You will end up with more birds then you thought.

    3. There is a ton of information out there from folks who have never raised chicks or are risk averse to trying to things.

    4, Keets and chicks do fine in the brooder when given enough space and poultry nipples are VERY easy to start with as long as you spend a little time showing a chick or two (they are WAY smarter then guineas)

    5. The babies love sand in the brooder with some DE for sun bathing and rubbing their poop off their butts onto

    6. Guineas absolutely hate being picked up and are VERY messy.

    More to come!

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