chicks and turkeys raised together by broody hen (advice needed)


7 Years
Jul 20, 2012
i have a problem with mareks disease at the moment, my whole flock of belgian d'uccle birds are infected and starting to thin in numbers, not too happy about that. however i had heard that turkeys have a mild form of mareks that can, when living with chickens , help the chooks to become immune to mareks. i know that my belgians are at the mercy of nature, however i have about seventeen baby birds ranging from three weeks old to only four days old, i'm going to get them all vaccinated soon, but i want to know, since one of the hens is still sitting on eggs, can i slip "three day old" turkey poults under her so that all angles of infection can be safely covered? the hen has three chicks that have hatched so far but is still sitting very tight and appears to not be wanting to give up on having more babies, would she be a good candidate for a foster mum, her is a pekin bantam by the way?

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