Chicks are almost 2wks old and flying out of brooder


Mar 17, 2018
Statesboro, Georgia
Hi there! New to the chicken world... Brand new... About a week and a half in.

My chicks (2 silver laced Wyandotte, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 americaunas) will be two weeks old on Tuesday. Three of them have started flying to my shoulder or the ledge of the pen/brooder as soon as I take the lid off.

I say they are advanced .. But really concerned. Should I clip wings this early?


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I wouldn’t clip their wings until they are at least 12-15 weeks, maybe not until 20 weeks unless they are endangering themselves by escaping. They flap their wings a lot at this age and are developing their muscles and balance. The imbalance in the air flow (you clip only one wing) could cause them to grow lopsided.
Mine are doing the same thing. This is new to me as my last batch never tried gave me a scare this time as one flew right up and out past my face as soon as the lid was lifted, lol. She was promptly put back in which I didn't hear the end of for quite some time, haha!
it's very common for chicks to start to flap their wings and exercise at that age! I wouldn't keep them with a lid on at this point. I'd look for some cardboard or fencing or something you can surround the brooder with to keep them in. I actually used chair cushions one year!! I don't believe in clipping wings at any time. Wings help them to escape predators (every place has them!) That's just me. Maybe you can find a washing machine box to use??? Good luck!!
The brooder I have is about two feet tall, it's in the bathroom. I have a small gap under the door and the first time I saw the one on top of the feeder I put a gate on the other side of the door as extra protection. I'm pretty sure she can fly or jump to the edge of the brooder but she hasn't done so yet. I'm very careful when I open that door because I do think that she will get out eventually.

Weather here is not getting much warmer anytime soon. By the time I will feel comfortable with the temperature they will be pretty big. I'm going to buy stock in pine shavings...

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