Chicks are hatching under mother

By adult food do you mean layer feed?

I would switch all to a grower ration.
Excess calcium can damage kidneys of any birds that aren't actively laying.
If there are actively laying hens in there, provide crushed oyster shell free choice in a separate container to provide the calcium they won't be getting in the grower feed.
They really should eat their baby food. The layer that most of us have our chickens on is not good for the little ones. It contains too much calcium that can damage their kidneys. Seperating them is the only way I can think of to keep them from eating the "adult" food. Maybe someone else that has been there will chime in on their suggestions.
Baby food and oyster shell, got it! Thanks! The feed store is closed today but mother won't be off the rest of the eggs for a bit yet so we're ok until tomorrow. Thank you!

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