Chicks are in stop me please. Figured out great cover story.


10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
Both farm stores here have chicks in. Stop me before I go and get some fuzzy butts. I am only allowed 15 chickens I have 14 but you have to buy 5 so we know what that means. over my limit. But I want more Chickens. Help stop me some one.
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Keep strong! WE all know that it would be wrong and you birds could be taken away!
ps what farm stores? ( not like i'm gonna get MYSELF some fussy butts)
Well I Have a 6 foot privacy fence someone would have to climb to try and count my chickens but since I do have some that look a like they might miss some right. I have yet to teach my DH chicken math. Tractor supply and the other farm store I can't spell the name right.
Don't buy any! You'll need to clean their bottoms and waterers, and their bedding will get gross! And you don't want to break the law, of course.
For chicken math purposed:
Do you raise birds for both meat and eggs?
If so, then the boys don't count as once they are plumb they will be napping at freezer camp.

You could go just to peek mind you as it is ok to be curious. Just be warned from touching as touching will trigger the addiction of fuzzies and the chicks will mysteriously appear with you at the counter along with a small list of things to make them more comfy.
Just got 30 buff rocks from ideal a week ago. Stopped at tsc today and came home with 6 assorted bantams. Guess I'm a addict.
I am proud of myself...went to TSC Tuesday...just to look and made myself wait (pats self on back). They did not yet have what I was looking for. I started to buy some of the cornish x to raise for meat, but feared what DH would say. (He has processed 2 chickens so far and actually NEEDS the practice
.) Of course, when I got home he said "You should have gotten them."
Go figure
. Oh well, I am waiting until they have sexed pullets as I have too many roos now as it is
. Our TSC is across the river and I am low on gasoline so I can only make one more trip.

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