Chicks are just the cutest thing ever, aren't they? Can you...(photos)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MNKris, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. MNKris

    MNKris Songster

    Nov 1, 2007
    Can You Find the Chicken?

    In this photo, there are
    Black Australorps
    Blue Andalusians (blue, black and splash)
    Blue Cochins (blue, black and splash)
    Partridge Cochins
    White Rocks
    Buff Rocks
    Cuckoo Marans
    Red Stars (girls only)
    Rhode Island Reds
    Easter Eggers


    Blue Andalusian 12 days old

    Blue Cochin (standard) 12 days old

    Cuckoo Marans
  2. Bantymama

    Bantymama Songster

    Apr 19, 2007
    They are all adorable. I really like the blue ones. How many are there.
  3. GAhen

    GAhen Songster

    Aug 2, 2007
    Carrollton GA
    I only have one little hatchling. I feel so sad that it has to be all alone....
    Wish I had some of those little cuties to kept it company.
  4. MNKris

    MNKris Songster

    Nov 1, 2007
    Well, I think there are 82 little darlings in that pen. Blue is also my favorite. Or wait, maybe it's the EEs, or wait, maybe its the marans, or could be those fat little rocks. But then again, I do like that deep black in those australorps...and you that I think of it...those little RIRs and Red Stars sure stand out...but who could resist a little Cochin? I know, I know...Chickaholics Anonymous...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Seriously though...those blues are pretty cool. I can't believe they actually look "Blue". This coming from someone who raises grulla (blue) quarter horses and owns two weimaraners:D
  5. sweetshoplady

    sweetshoplady Songster

    Feb 4, 2008
    Venice, Florida
    What beautiful babies you have there! I love the individual pics you got of them too.

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