Chicks are tougher than I knew!


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Nov 16, 2013
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I've been adjusting temperatures, scrubbing bowls, cleaning the enclosure, leaving work early to make sure food and water isn't depleted, for my one month old chicks. Although I'll continue to be alert, I'm going to relax now.
Sunday I took the chicks outside for the first time, letting them play in their fenced area after checking every possible means of escape. I was working in the garden about 20 feet away and everybody was happy. Then I looked up and saw my dog jumping around in the field behind us and saw one little black chick out, and a little buff (my favorite) through the fence.
I scooped the black chick but couldn't find the buff in the field weeds that are about a foot and a half tall. I was sure the dog had killed it. After looking for an hour, I gave up and took the other chicks inside, but continued to look outside until dark.
Monday I looked again, but by Tuesday I figured the chick (if alive) couldn't have made it without water, food, temps dropping at night, and most of all predators on the farm. Sad, but lesson learned and moving on with the remaining chicks.
Last night I was sitting on the front porch about dusk when the little buff chick hopped up the steps and onto the porch - about 70 feet from the last place I saw her more than 3 days ago. She was slightly thin but not excessively so, and when I put her in with the others she kind of greeted everybody and settled in.
This morning she is eating, drinking, and playing like nothing ever happened.
I'm amazed at how tough this girl was to spend days outside - the first time she'd ever been outside, apparently getting enough water from plants and bugs she ate since we've had no rain this week. I'm also curious why nothing picked up a little chirping yellow chick in 80 acres of open pasture.
Amazed. but very happy and I'm going to relax a little on the mother-hen scene!


Mar 28, 2015
That is such a cute story! Chickens are a lot more durable than many give them credit for. I was terrified to turn off the heat lamp because everyone kept telling me they needed it, but one day I just decided to do it and they have been totally fine.

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