Chicks arrived this morning, one has a neck problem?


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13 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Fort Myers, Fl
well at 6:30 am i got the call to go get my peepers yayy! got to the P.O. opened the box and they were all alive, double yay! got home and noticed that the smallest chick one of my oegb's was in the corner with his head down, so i took him out and his head went all the way around! every couple minutes he will straighten up his neck, well not completely straight but at least its upright, but he will try to walk and just fall over and his neck goes back upside down again
other than that he seems healthy. so what ive done so far is separated him to a separate brooder box, along with the other oegb chick and ive given him a couple drops of polyvisol. is there anything else i can do for him? does he have a chance of getting better and his neck straightening out?

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