Chicks arrived this morning


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Feb 19, 2008
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i'm so excited!!!! Got the call from the post office this morning. I was very surprised because when I called Ideal yesterday they said that chicks were shipping later that afternoon and to expect them on Friday. Wasn't quite ready but threw the kids in the car and raced down to get them. Checked them at the post office, they all looked perfect. We put them in the brooder 6 Welsummers and 10 Americaunas (16 in all) I ordered 10 no males and paid the extra insurance. Looked at the invoice it says 5 Welsummer and 5 Americauna pullets but at the bottom is a sticker that says males included for warmth. Called Ideal they were very nice and apoligized. They said that when they include males it's usually a different breed so you can tell them apart. The lady didn't know what to tell me. Did I get males? I will post pics later.

Anyway I just glad they are all doing well.
Great to hear your order arrived in good shape.

6 unwanted roosters! Golly. That is why I ordered from Meyers...I dont have a clue what I would do with all those roosters.
Here are some pictures of my new chicks!!




So sweet! I can't wait until mine come!
Meanwhile, I will just enjoy everyone else's new ones!
great pictures of your chicks and they are a fine looking bunch.

What kind of camera do you use?

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